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interior designing

Designing is having the courage to live the dreams of others, identify yourself with their ideas and provide solutions aimed at bringing together needs, style, comfort, innovation and details.


The interior designer plays a fundamental role in those who decide to choose this professional to design their home: if we think that on average a furnished space is changed every ten years, the task becomes even more difficult!

Thinking in perspective is not a trivial matter, perceiving what are and could be the needs which can rise in a house, a hotel, a restaurant (perhaps less, perhaps more), are the keystone to make this job in the best possible way; these needs do not always remain unchanged over time, indeed!

This is why the ability to offer careful and up-to-date consultancy and design are the foundations on which we have built our team.


valentini is...

Fashions and technologies evolve and clearly affect our lifes but the styles remain. Deciding on the furniture inspired by a particular style or selecting certain colors (light, dark, pastel or sometimes even an unusual color), are choices that must be dictated by the life experience of those who commission the project. Life experiences shape who we are and what we want to be, also influencing the choice of furniture, style and what should be the comforts of our home. For this reason, we strongly believe in the perfect union between the subjectivity of a project (which makes it an extension of the life of those who will live there) and beauty, exactly because something is beautiful.

After all, all of you believe in our work because we are professionals in our sector.


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