valentini is…

A famous writer known by the name of Sydney Eddison once wrote:

“Gardens are a form of autobiography”.


Using 7 simple words she summarized what we consider as a purpose, that is the thought that your home can be only yours: an extension of your person. The external space plays a fundamental role in best representing the footprint you want to leave of yourself to those who will enjoy that space.

You can welcome guests, enjoy carefree moments immersed in the nature of your garden or enjoying the outdoor spaces that your home offers: there are no limits to what we can design for you.

During the development of an outdoor space there are multiple factors that can determine the choice of one style rather than another: functionality, understood as the optimization of spaces based on the needs of the client (a restaurant, for example, will need a different design than a bar, hotel or house); another factor is the type, for example a garden, a terrace, a patio, have distinct needs, and therefore distinct furnishings; last but not least factor is the context: fully integrating the outdoor space with the surrounding environment means feeling as one thing with it.

valentini is...
nature and feelings

In harmony with what surround you, we will make sure that you can achieve the perfect symbiosis between you and the nature. Don’t be afraid to dare, let yourself be overwhelmed by your needs and play with your cards exposed, we will turn them into reality! 


The outdoor spaces (whether they belong to residences, pied-à-terre, historic buildings, trulli, masserie, resorts or restaurants) are evocative of thoughts that travel to discover your deepest self: enjoying these moments of peace are emotions that make you understand the value of small things: if you are in the company of a comfortable armchair, it’s so much better!

In the project we will develop for your outdoor space, you will have the opportunity to choose the comforts, style and colors that best represent you: the most important thing is that they are subjective and you will really like them: we’ll take care of making you happy!


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