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Living room table: which one to choose?

Choosing the perfect living room table is never a simple thing. In fact, it is necessary to take into account several factors that go well beyond personal taste or design, but also some practical issues. The first thing to think about the table is where

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Wall coverings: characteristics and functionality

Already very much in vogue in the first half of the last century, wall coverings had a very important role (at least until the beginning of the 90s) within the furnishing of a space, the arrangement of the furnishing volumes, the needs and the emotions

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How to furnish with the light

Today we have stopped taking the importance of light for granted both on a functional level and on a purely and exquisitely decorative level. Light has therefore become a fundamental element that also conditions our life and our way of living spaces. In fact, knowing

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3 Tips on how to furnish the garden

Furnishing a garden, like a house in general, mainly means combining the aesthetic aspect with the functional one. The various furnishing components must give rise to a harmonious and balanced environment, in which an idea of comfort, relaxation and harmony with nature is outlined. The

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Why contact an Interior Designer?

By now we all know the role of the interior designer, a figure that over the years has assumed an ever greater value thanks to the ability to furnish any type of environment by combining aesthetics and functionality between materials, colors and lighting. The role

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Top Brand Arredamenti Puglia

Made in Italy Top Brand for your home

Italy, as we know, is uniqu, and it is not only for its proverbial beauty, but for the many sectors considered to be world-class excellence.One of these, considered more of a niche than more renowned product sectors such as fashion and good food, is that

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