Type of the project: interior & lighting design
principal style: ancient (about 1500)
secondary style: symple lines
predominant colors: white and light tones
secondary colors: dark elements as contrast

In an ancient farmhouse of 1500 located in the beautiful landscapes of the Salento countryside (in a decidedly characteristic context), the CASA ID project comes to life, a mini apartment of about 50 square meters with a small and particular bathroom obtained by connecting an external pantry and  built from an old outbuilding previously used as a deposit. Initially, the structure was in its raw state without the floor and window frames, also with the outer walls covered externally with the original Stone from the 1500s, while internally they were simply plastered in some parts.


In addition to the organization of the internal space, the project also included the insertion of a cementitious powder floor and the construction of a plasterboard wall to create a bedroom and to divide the living area from the sleeping area. The “L”-shaped divider with a curved corner was erected up to the arch shutter in order not to disfigure the beauty and the geometry of the ancient barrel vault. The integration of LED lighting with a double emission (a must for those who work with plasterboard) had two different purposes: the first to enhance the vault left exposed, the second (towards the bottom) to illuminate the space and highlight the sixteenth-century stone of the original wall.

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The bathroom (connected to the apartment through a small hallway that leads to the garden) has an L-shape and a double cross barrel vault. Here too, the same flooring was laid to create continuity with the rest of the environment and the stone of the wall covering was left exposed. The shower enclosure was covered with ancient majolicas and it was surrounded by a timeless technology crystal (treatment of the glass which is perfect to give resistance to corrosion and limescale, guaranteeing incredible ease of cleaning and transparency) giving a sense of lightness. A detail of the composition is the lighting inserted on the side of the crystal box, aimed at emphasizing the original stone and illuminating the environment by creating a soft and relaxing light. The suspended toilet and bidet guarantee modernity and also ease of cleaning.


As for the furniture, in opposition to the ancient structure and the predominant materials (already very characteristic in themselves) we decided to insert a furniture with simple lines (but at the same time modern and contemporary), with cubic or parallelepiped shapes horizontally oriented. Using finishes with light and muted shades such as white and slate gray and distinguishing some elements with dark contrasting references that break the compositional rigor, the juxtaposition between modern products and more traditional reality is highlighted.


The kitchen maintains the simple and linear style, where the white is distinguished by a concrete-colored top, a cylindrical metal hood and an open end in wood, which it recalls the same material as the snack top with an extra white glass support. The pair of stools (as well as for the chairs) have a thick black leather net, tanned with a treatment that combines elasticity and resistance, contrasting with the glossy lacquered white table. The niches (typically present in ancient structures of the territory) have been exploited to insert magnetic panels with multiple functions according to the needs: wine display, cup holder or a simple decorative element.


The living room maintains simplicity and rigor, with a slate gray sofa bed with adjustable headboard, a small black coffee table formed by a plastic storage base and a glass top. The composition is completed by a metal floor lamp with comfortable shelves, a perfectly hidden USB socket for charging tablets or smartphones and a low sideboard with a refined white finish that acts as a TV stand.

Finally, the bedroom (in harmony with the furnishing philosophy used) has a bed with a painted metal structure and upholstered headboard, a modest two-door storage cabinet, two bedside tables with appliques above to ensure the right lighting.

the delivery

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