Type of the project: interior & lighting design
principal style: decÒ art
secondary style: contemporary
predominant colors: white, wood
secondary colors: grey, brown

A window to the world

… And looking out, you will rediscover the charm of nature, its strength, the emotion that all the greenery that surrounds you can transmits …

A Relax Area With Art Decò references

The design of a space bordering a garden is always a tempting challenge: one must always wisely know how to bring some of what the second has inside the first. It is precisely starting from this concept that we decided to use a parquet to pave this relaxation area.

The furnishing concept, on the other hand, is inspired by the great landscape painters of the late 19th century, who were inspired by the Art Decò style. But in this case the painting is more real than ever: large windows allow not only to enjoy the external spectacle but, at the same time, allow ample brightness available throughout the day.


The sofa and armchairs by NICOLINE are design furnishings with evident references for color and style to the early years of the last century, allowing a perfect contrast with the white of the walls, without leaving one color contrasting the other in any way.

In the center of the room, a low round table also signed by Nicoline and a KASHAP rug uniform the space, completing the space granted with a few simple volumes.


To complete, a contrast with a beautiful shade of red could not be missing, present both in the cushions and in the beautiful TIC TOC lamp by PENTA, an object that is and will be absolutely timeless. 


Discover the complete RELAX ROOM AD project, the design of all the products included in it.

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Tappeto Kashan Sitap

Tavolino FLAI

Lampada TicToc Penta

Rondò Poltrona Nicoline

Grancircolo Tavolino basso Nicoline

Cordusio Divano Rondò Nicoline


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