Several studies have shown that colors can have a fundamental influence (both positive or negative) on the life and the mood of those who live them. Painting the walls of your home or opting for a furniture of a particular nuance can influence our mood: the choice is important and for this reason people ask to interior designers (or in this case a color designer).


2020 saw the classic blue as the king of the year that is going to end. In general the light shades of green and blue are back in rigorous combination with white.

Specifically, the bathroom featured dark tones, both in the use of wood and in the furnishings and coverings. The kitchen, the most important center of the house nowadays together with the living room (often united by the open space concept) have seen the warm tones of the floors and furnishings contrasting the light of the walls, allowing a large room to be comfortable and intimate.


For the incoming year, the designing experts have already established what the fashion pantone will be: we are talking about the reassuring tones of earthy beige, also known as Brave Ground. This color looks like a basic shade of dove gray, a neutral and warm shade that invites you to leave the comfort zone with balance and awareness. A sort of reconnection with simple things to build a new harmony.

There are many combinations allowed, from the most “marked” reds to the more tenuous pinks, from the colors of the mother earth (clay or cocoa) to yellow and its derivations, up to the blue, indigo or light blue that give, in combination with Brave Ground, a simple and refined style.

The watchword is only one: TO DARE!

Even gray and green in its “sage” declination are confirmed as the main home decor trendy colors, with their neutral and elegant character that circumscribes calm and relaxing environments. The colors of the earth mixed with blue (preferably navy blue, which in 2021 will replace black), finally, will give elegance and refinement to environments that aim to keep high the contemporary style.

What do you must to do now?
Just consult Valentini Arredamenti and its color designers who will suggest you how to best match the new fashions shades for next year to furnish your home.