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Far away from stereotypes and without falling into outdated technicalities, we will be empathetic towards you, passionately scrutinizing your needs, your desires, your dreams.

Without ever taking anything for granted, without prejudice and without presumption, we will support you in your furnishing choices, asking ourselves what are the most sincere doubts that obsess you and what are your most remote needs, aware that the necessary needs can be easily fulfilled by our competitors. We strongly believe that that today everything is centered on a methodical and sometimes forced production, while those who still have the courage to focus on everyday emotions often take a back seat even if being the real resource: we think that every smile is never wasted, that every kind word is the most important prerogative of an human or economic relationship.

In the broadest interpretation of the term, family is at the center of our everything: furnishing or renovating a house, a space, even just a single room, is to make people happy, it is to participate actively in their daily life. We know that even if that space could be enjoyed by you and your loved just for a few moments per day, it’s yours, it’s intimate, it’s personal.

Today people talks about us because we go beyond the concept of company or brand: we are your home! Whatever is your concept, your idea or your style, we accept it and process it as if furnishing and renovation were more an art than a job … In simple words, we want come into your world!

valentini is...
passion for details

Details make the difference.

An endless struggle for the spasmodic research for details has brought us where we are and shows us where we want to be: leaving a mark is what we like best. Are you used to think details as something objectively beautiful? Forget this idea! For us a detail is what will most personalize your furniture and your daily life, even it is a small object or even if it is inserted in an entire space or in a complete project

valentini is...

“Seduction is a spell, it must awaken other’s desire and fix it on oneself”, he wrote the Italian sociologist and writer Francesco Alberoni. There is probably no aphorism that best represents the way we interpret our work: feel free to desire what you want, without hesitation, without prejudice and without ifs and buts, letting yourself be fascinated by our ability to develop your project, to make it unique, to  let him hit you straight to your heart.

valentini is...

Interpret, involve, play with the senses: all your feedback can give us useful information on the design ideas could be adopted in your project.

Understanding your priorities is an important step (if not the crucial one), the one that makes the difference between what will be the house of your dreams and what you could consider just as a project. We are not just interior designers: we are not satisfied with filling your home with stylish furnishings, we want to fill your soul with a feeling of fullness and satisfaction which is what makes us truly proud of.

Intuiting your emotions, transforming them into a project, making them come to life: this is our mantra!






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