Many of you have asked us to furnish your bedroom using a contemporary style, or by choosing a style that favors contemporaneity among the many that we offer.
There are many reasons that lead you to opt for a bedroom designed in compliance with this style. Basically because this style favors the personalization of spaces and the cleanliness and linearity of the shapes, without sacrificing comfort and elegance also obtained thanks to the use of high quality materials combined with high-tech solutions.


Contemporary is always welcome, even and above all in the bedroom, as it often combines elements of various styles, such as minimal, vintage, industrial, Nordic and classic-modern, taking from each of these some prerogatives which become current and give life to environments that reflect the personality of those who live there.
In a contemporary bedroom you cannot miss an upholstered bed, wardrobes, dressers or bedside tables with clean geometries in glossy or matt lacquered wood, or covered with materials such as glass, fabric or leather.
To keep the style, the general lighting is given by recessed spotlights or by ceiling or wall lamps and, for a more subdued light, it can replace the classic abat-jour, perhaps using suspension or wall lamps to be placed above the bedside tables.


For the floor you can choose wood, resin or stoneware.

At least one of the walls, usually the one close to the bed, is characterized either by panels covered in fabric, leather or concrete effect, or by the use of wood paneling with an essence or lacquered finish. Alternatively, you can use a wall covering or paint of your choice based on the defined color palette.

As for the colors, there is a tendency to use neutral colors in contrast with each other, with a prevalence of lighter or darker tones depending on the brightness that you want to give to the space. In addition to white and shades of gray, you can choose more saturated shades to give a touch of color to the room, making them stand out within neutral palettes or creating combinations of complementary colors.