Making your home “personal” basically means living and inhabiting those environments feeling at ease, which tell something about us, our experience, our lifestyle, our tastes.
An house designed and built tailored to the needs of those who are going to live it automatically becomes a second skin, a shield with which to protect themselves and completely detach themselves from the outside world.


Over the years, each of us has forged their own personal concept of home, made up of the whole of their past and their personal tastes which, with the slow smoothing of time, have developed and characterized our personality.
This has meant that different furnishing needs were born that are also affected by our habits, be it a fleeting momentary relationship of a few hours a day, be it the place to raise your family or simply where you can host friends for carefree evenings in company.
Furnishing with this in mind means starting from these values, giving them body and interpreting them according to a precise aesthetic taste and an adequate study of everyday life.

And it is precisely here that the interior designer intervenes, who should not be considered only as the specialist in furniture and design, but also as a person capable of perceiving every single need that, even if it may not seem relevant to you, it is. .

We carefully study every need, also understanding the need to renovate or design an interior solution from scratch, allowing you to feel at ease in any case.

So we go to develop or modify an environment by inserting new furniture elements, a new arrangement of furniture, a different color of the walls, or simply the purchase of a new accessory to give style to a specific space.


If you are reading this and you would just like some dispassionate advice on how and what to combine by integrating personal tastes with a choice of furniture ad-hoc made or that cannot be ignored, we always recommend that you look inside yourself, because there is no better advisor than yourself.
The combinations, as we know, can be by combination or by contrast, and this does not apply exclusively to the colors, but to all the design that you want to give.

From a chromatic point of view, we advise you to adopt color choices that you like best, combining them with neutral materials that allow you to play a little with the details as you wish.
Another advice consists on somewhat in contrast to what has been said so far, is to make sure that as many guests feel at ease, sharing spaces also (and above all) based on availability.

A perfect home is useless if it is not lived in harmony with those around us or habitually frequent it. Luck has it that basically, each of us goes to those who are more similar in affinity or tastes.
Last, but not least: live your home, fill it with memories, moments, mess it up, host your friends, let it take your perfume. The most beautiful and personal thing is always the life inside!

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