Resin is a material in many ways similar to the cement, but with a much smaller thickness and important characteristics, used purely for coating and decorations. Today we can find different types for construction uses.

Created to meet mostly industrial needs, in recent years resins have also carved out a leading role in the residential building sector, both in the sectors of wall coverings and decorations, and in terms of horizontal surfaces as floors.


In its best known form the resin is very similar to cement, with the important and substantial difference in the thickness, which in the case of the resin is considerably reduced. In addition to this, the resin becomes more and more popular for a whole host of benefits, such as:

The walls or floors covered with this type of material maintain uniformity and homogeneity, without the need of joints, and importantly, they do not attract dust or other types of microorganisms. Another important feature is the impermeability of the resin, therefore perfect in all those rooms where humidity can be created, such as kitchens or bathrooms, saunas and swimming pools. In this way we also avoid the proliferation of microorganisms and the presence of mold.

Even in the kitchen, resin is perfect for replacing the use of tiles in the sink area thanks to its ability to resist humidity, and also heat if we plan to use it near the hob.

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In order for it to be applied in the best possible way (especially in the case of a flooring) it is necessary to prepare the existing floor with a good cleaning and make it rough to allow a better grip of the resin. If, on the other hand, we are not in the presence of an existing floor, we must have a perfectly leveled screed on which the final drafting will then take place using rollers.

For the realization of coatings there are different types of resin, each with its own characteristics and therefore used in different uses.

Among the most popular resins used in the residential and industrial construction sector we can mention epoxy resin (a synthetic polymer with high wear resistance and impermeability) and cement resin (composed of cements and various additives to obtain a thick material that turns out to be very resistant to chemicals).

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