For lovers of retro style, choosing to insert some vintage 50s furniture object inside your home can prove to be a choice of great style. Without falling into the excess of recreating completely themed environments, it will be more effective to select a few details than an extra touch of character.


To give life to the charm of a 1950s living room, it is necessary to pay attention to the characteristics of some fundamental elements of the furniture. Alternatively, an object with special lines and shapes could be enough, reminiscent of the ferments of the post-war decade.

The right imprint can be given first of all through the visual impact of the sofa, placed on a neutral or brightly colored carpet.

The typical 50s sofa comes with high backrests, swollen armrests, abundant padding that determines the rounded volumes that make it the perfect bed in which to doze off, but also the most comfortable seat to try to keep your eyes open in front of a movie .

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The kitchen of the 1950s was made up of different modules detached from each other and simply put together. The atmosphere of the place must be harmonious, relaxed and welcoming.

Here the pastel shades or white are the masters, colors that accentuate the brightness, but leave a feeling of softness of the whole.

An even more retro touch to the kitchen can be given by choosing a 1950s-style sideboard, one with many drawers in painted wood, with round knobs and some shelves open or closed by a transparent glass door.


Furnishing the bedroom in the 1950s style means bringing sinuous lines and sobriety to the heart of the house. The material that best interprets the time is wood in its warmest shades.

A large chest of drawers can be the right choice to equip a wall, surmounted by a mirror. The 1950s-style bedroom bed comes with a comfortable headboard and is complemented by bedside tables with narrow drawers and brass handles. Finally, the wardrobes of a 1950s-style bedroom are voluminous wooden furniture supported by thin feet, with profiles sometimes worked with protruding decorations. A full-height mirror is applied to one or more cabinet doors, a useful trick to take a quick look at yourself in the morning before going out, but also to give visual breadth to the spaces.

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