Christmas is magic!

In the most magical period of the year even our home needs to breathe the Christmas atmosphere through the decorations that fill us with joy and color, also making young and old people happy.
Is time to start a journey together through many useful tips to furnish your home during the holidays and amaze all of your friends!


We all know what are the colors that recall Christmas: snow white, red, blue, green and some soft shades of yellow such as gold. The question is: could we combine them? Absolutely not: the choice of colors must see the absolute prevalence of one of these. In a nutshell  “TOTAL LOOK” is the trend. This basically means one thing: you absolutely have to choose a color, a mood and an idea for Christmas and you must decline it for all the decorations. 
It is therefore not worth having the tree decorated in white, the yellow garlands, the red festoons and the blue tablecloths. Everything must give the idea of ​​a well-designed set to avoid confusion and to surprise your guests.

Let’s see how to decorate our spaces, starting from the most lived area: the living room.


The living room is the environment that most houses the Christmas tree and the crib, two of the characteristic Christmas decorations that are able to create the atmosphere of the Christmas holidays.
To give a touch of originality to the tree we can make Christmas balls in DIY fabric, in glass or we can try our hand at patchwork, combining the colors of the creations with those of the furnishings such as the sofa or chairs.
Having a fireplace in the living room will clearly increase the Christmas mood, especially if we have the opportunity to place the decorated tree next to it. To beautify your fireplace, you can use pine cones and garlands or light it up with a series of Christmas lights.



It’s Christmas in every room, even in the bedroom. Bringing the Christmas atmosphere into the sleeping area is an often overlooked idea, but having a small bedside Christmas tree to light up in the evening is an interesting solution. We can also think of embellishing the bedroom windows with themed curtains or lights.
On top of that, we might consider using Christmas themed duvets and blankets. For the most demanding, why not to use a nice red carpet!



A space that is always undervalued and almost never decorated.
It’s time to give your bathroom a Christmas touch too!

With a simple themed curtain, a carpet at the foot of the sink that recalls Christmas designs and a beautiful Christmas star placed in a corner even the bathroom can live its own Christmas.
In short, every space can be decorated during this magical period, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the warmth of Christmas and its nuances.

Don’t forget that there are different types of plants that can help decorate your home with a Christmas theme, bringing color and liveliness to your environment made of comets and snowmen.