Among the kitchens currently in demand on the market, thanks to a trend towards the essentiality of the furniture in compliance with the maximum possible functionality, we want to dedicate a special mention to the beautiful kitchen Glass 2.0 designed by Arredo3.

The Venetian company is in fact a leader in the production of kitchens and high quality complements, making use of a production that aspires to create something unique, improving day by day through continuous innovation in production processes and a total attention to the quality of materials used.

These distinctive features that we strongly share with the company Made in Italy mean that projects such as Cucina Glass 2.0 are available in the province of Brindisi and absolutely within everyone’s reach.

In this article we want to take you to discover optimally the product in question, its peculiarities and the reason that makes it one of the best kitchens currently on the market.

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The kitchen Glass 2.0 is proposed with an elegant design, highlighted by the clever combination of unique materials such as glass and HPL (HPL laminate is a type of high-thickness laminated material, also called HPL Compact. Due to its aesthetic rendering and strength, it is used for the realization of furniture and style elements ranging from tabletops and desks) and refined “dusty” nuances that match the absolute colors of black or white.

Essentially it comes with a technical aluminum door with a glass front and a groove opening. The peculiarity of this kitchen is that it allows you to choose between the different finishes to give life to your personal interpretation: games of contrast, minimalism or great balance.

The refinement of glass meets a refined and elegant design, ideal for unique and spacious environments, where the kitchen Glass 2.0 must perform different functions in an optimal way. It requires refined materials and colors, practical to clean, perfect as a base to be transformed with a few touches to theme.

Bases and columns have the external panels of the Glass 2.0 door in matt Black glass, panelling and snack top, as well as the top, are laminated and HPL 860 black kandia.


Its design and purpose is clearly to be the focal point of the house, in fact presenting itself from the first glance with a strong personality that makes it unique in its kind. The tops are distinguished by the steel with vintage finish and the snack top in veneered material.

The surfaces of the doors are smooth and homogeneous, in opaque glass.

The doors of the Glass 2.0 are very resistant and durable because (and here we find the result of research and innovation of Arredo3) composed of an aluminum frame that performs its function without ever showing, since it is always covered by the front panel.

Do you want to see the kitchen Glass 2.0 by Arredo3 and touch the quality of the materials? We are waiting for you in our showroom in Mesagne!

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