valentini is...

“In light passages shadow blooms”

No respectable project can overlook the importance of lighting. Developing a space without taking into account the alternation between day and night can spoil that masterpiece that is your home.

Along the time the concept of lighting has undergone a rapid and dizzying evolution, passing from a conception mostly inspired by functionality to another that thinks the components and the different lighting systems have become real design objects, icons of style and technology, as well as furnishing details that can emphasize certain rooms both when they are in operation or when they are completely switched-off.

For this reason is important to think that each project should be enjoyed in the same way both during the hours of light and in the darkest night.

The main mission is always to amaze you thanks to light points that will become an integrated part of the style and the design of your project, without having to give up their functionality prerogative. Each lighting system brings with it a careful and meticulous study on the best application both in the home and in the workplace – both indoors and in your gardens.

valentini is...
in the darkness

The job of the interior designer (in this case better to define it as lighting designer) is also knowing how to “furnish” with light, playing with natural and artificial light, sometimes giving value to details that take on a different meaning throughout the day.

We study every light point to give you all the comforts you need, enhancing the spaces that require to be careful and precise.

Indoor or outdoor spaces makes no difference: what matters is that you feel an integral part of your home and you will be able to fully enjoy the lighting project we have designed for you.


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