These hard months that have just passed due to Covid19 have taught us many things. If from one side we have learned to live with restrictions that are sometimes difficult to bear, on the other side we have learned how to optimize ways and times during the long days spent at home. 
The same thing is for spaces: the need to continue our work activity has been urgent and we have often been forced to work in “uncomfortable” situations or at least not in conformity with the daily routine.

All this has led us to a new concept of work that until now was unknown to the most that is conceived on an intelligent way of optimizing time, space and costs: we are talking about Smart-Working, a term already in use for several years.
For these reasons a new awareness is born (that in the fact that “smart” work will play a leading role in the coming years), since it allows companies a significant reduction of team and spaces costs relating to personnel and the spaces they need to produce, without having to then take a step away from your home.

In short words, a real revolution!


All these new problems have led to the need to obtain a useful space to carry out one’s work and to furnish it as if it were a really office, even if the usual homes are not really suitable for this purpose.
The lucky ones, those who have the right space to be able to the creation of an office or a space that is even only comparable to an office, and therefore allowing themselves to separate it from the rest of the house, asking themselves the following question: how can I furnish my space to make it comfortable without giving up a style and design that is integrated and performing while respecting my daily environment?

Let’s try to give an answer.


Everything starts from the design: guessing which are the spaces to be dedicated and what are the inherent needs for home work practice are the main questions that must be asked.
Fortunately to give an exhaustive answer to these questions, numerous manufacturers give the answer because they have centered their core business in to the creation of furniture for homes and home-offices.


Let’s get to know some of them that you can find in our Mesagne store:

In the furniture sector, the Ebanistery Morelato, with its vast classic and stylish collection is considered a culturally recognized brand in terms of design, production and sales. For them, furniture is often linked to the classical tradition that Morelato has been able to develop over the years through the different styles (Biedermeier, Direttorio, ‘900) up to the design and production of systems and accessories, including contemporary ones. Take a look at the catalogs to find out how to furnish your “smart-office”.
A company that allows your home offices to have furnishings of an extraordinary quality (from design to finishes), allowing you to give a strong and precise identity to the space to create a distinctive and recognizable atmosphere. The scent and warmth of the wood, the connection between elegance and wellness that only wood in it best essences can give to environments and those who live in them: these are all the values ​​that you can found in all Arte Brotto creations. Enjoy the collection available in our Mesagne store.
Alivar presents itself as a dynamic and modern company that is constantly attentive to technological evolution and design research. The proposals are based on the use of different materials, with the aim of creating contemporary furnishings still disconnected from fashions but rather focused on the environment that surrounds them. If your objective is to find your contemporary style, we will waiting for you to show the Alivar catalogs solutions. Now you have an idea on how to furnish your smart-office and allow you to work comfortably without necessarily having to give up on style, we are waiting for you to design your home office together, as we are used to do!