Furnishing a garden, like a house in general, mainly means combining the aesthetic aspect with the functional one. The various furnishing components must give rise to a harmonious and balanced environment, in which an idea of comfort, relaxation and harmony with nature is outlined.

The furnishing elements act as useful separating complements.

It is necessary to prefer practical solutions (in the name of transformation and practicality) of environments that can be continuously evolved, in which the taste for beauty and comfort reign undisturbed.


Garden design is essentially the design of an outdoor space based on the space available, the needs, its use and the plants that already populate your garden.

We have therefore developed 3 useful tips to follow to decorate your garden, since spring is almost upon us!



    The first and fundamental step for any self-respecting garden is to prepare a shaded area, with a large gazebo, to enjoy moments of relaxation away from the sun.
    Even the arrangement of the lights is not an element to be underestimated: proper lighting will allow you to make the most of your green space even when the sun has set. In all this, the choice of the right furniture is an indispensable element to obtain a pleasant and functional environment.

    The garden table must offer maximum comfort with minimum space. In a large garden, you can opt for tables with particular sinuous shapes, with elegant glass tops. The aluminum and fiberglass ones are also pleasant and resistant. For those who love naturalness, it is better to choose tables in mahogany specially treated for outdoor environments. For a smaller garden, space-saving or folding tables are particularly comfortable: the important thing is to choose them with style. The chairs can also be foldable, or stackable, to leave more space available.


    Special attention must be paid to the relaxation area of the garden. If space permits it is possible to furnish with comfortable outdoor sofas. Among the most common materials, you can opt for teak, aluminum or rattan with a minimalist and pleasant shape. They are very resistant and do not require special maintenance. There are even models of stackable sofas, which allow them to be stored without taking up too much space. The sofa can also be combined with comfortable armchairs. Depending on your tastes, you can choose the same coating, or opt for alternative solutions, perhaps with different but complementary shades.

    For larger spaces, the solution can fall into two or three-seater canopied sofas. Extremely comfortable, they have harmonious and balanced shapes, which make them suitable for any type of environment, allowing you to furnish with taste and originality, without excessively burdening the environment.
    You can choose the materials, fabrics, colors and arrangement, so as to give elegance and balance to the environment. To give a touch of inspiration, we also recommend the purchase of soft and very comfortable poufs.

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    The main rule for enjoying optimal garden lighting is to diffuse the light from the top to the bottom, for example through the use of chandeliers. In this way, in addition to limiting the dispersion of the light source, we reduce the light pollution produced by the lighting of our garden. A garden that generates light pollution, in addition to causing damage to the environment and being out of standard, represents a useless consumption of electricity.

    To integrate you can insert different elements that are mostly scenographic can help you in the composition of the design of your garden, with floor lamps of various shapes and sizes, perfect for delimiting spaces according to their purpose.


Whatever solution you want to adopt, we always recommend furnishing your garden with balance and harmony. It is necessary to adequately consider the spaces, to avoid overloading them too much, obtaining a result that goes well beyond the optimal one. In addition, it is always better to follow a specific style. In this way, a pleasant, refined and aesthetically flawless result will be obtained.


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