Are you planning to renovate your first or second home that you always have been dreaming for a long time? So this is the article that made for you: let’s find out which steps you must follow and how you can optimize time and costs to get the result that is closest to your wishes!

First of all it is necessary to establish which works are to be carried out and above all what is the available budget. The works are divided into “ordinary” and “extraordinary”: therefore it is essential to agree to the legal obligations. Our advice? You might always contact a technician who is an architect, a surveyor or an engineer to better design the works and at the same time he could leave you have the guarantee of being in compliance with the legal obligations.


It is very important that you will contact qualified and organized enterprises able to complete the work in a time that is congruent with your needs: being clear from this point of view with the companies that will deal your renovations is a fundamental step that can avoid future misunderstandings.

You have also to evaluate different quotes and choose the one that seems the best to you in the quality/price ratio: in fact, saving money does not always mean making a good deal (sometimes you will have to adjust later on errors or poor materials, thus significantly higher costs).


Having an initial idea of ​​a budget it is therefore fundamental: it directly affects the type of work to be carried out, the materials to be chosen, the furnishings and many details that can significantly increase costs.


The second fundamental step is undoubtedly to overhaul and to “modernize” the existing systems where there is a need. The thermo-hydraulic and electrical systems are the most important for your home and need to be designed and built according to your needs: in this case, it is always better to spare no expense!

The electrical system greatly affects the design of your home by giving visibility to certain spaces rather than others. Precisely for this reason the planning of the lighting design must be entrusted to a professional team able to make an optimal result without wastes. Some tips that we can suggest to you are:


  • To create multi-level lighting by placing lamps on several levels;
  • To increase the intensity of lighting in the case of dark furniture;
  • To choose glass or crystal chandeliers if you need more light;


Take advantage of the work you are carrying out to change the design of your home also from this point of view!

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Now that you have modernize your systems there is only one step left: furnish your spaces!

Often those who turn to professionals in this sector already know the final result, having already defined the works to be carried out, including furnishings. In our opinion, the home must be a space that reflects your personal taste and, at the same time, must be functional.

To get the right mix it is necessary to study what is the best combination between spaces and furniture.

Here you will find some tips for choosing the most suitable materials and styles to furnish your home:

  • choose a style for your whole home;
  • Focus on the essential: a superfluous piece of furniture is not for you!
  • Don’t use lots of colors for each space;
  • choose light colors for the walls of smaller rooms, such as the bathroom (find out more in this article
  • Use plants to create the right atmosphere.

If we have answered all the questions that have haunted you since you start thinking for renovating your home, we have many solutions in store to design the home of your dreams. Find out for example our latest project.

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