Every self-respecting anniversary must also be celebrated in our homes.

Holidays such as Christmas are always exciting, as they allow us to beautify our homes by changing, how its look.

Halloween is certainly one of this: it has become one of the most well-known holidays in Italy, the “night of the witches” does not belong to the cultural or religious tradition of our country, because it is coming from an ancient Celtic festival conceived to celebrate all sacred spirits.

Although it does not belong to the Italian culture, it has been well received by a people like ours, a lover of folkloristic traditions, bringing it straight into our homes. So let the imagination run wild on how to make our environments more monstrous than ever!

If you are looking for new ideas on how to decorate your home for Halloween, you are in the right place.


If you want to get your guests into the monstrous Halloween mood right away, our advice is to start from the entrance. Even if the space reserved for the entrance to the house is smaller than the other rooms, it is the business card of our home, therefore it also deserves to be decorated with a Halloween theme. In fact, embellishing this corner of the house is equally possible.

The use of candles (also scented, why not) combined with a stylish use of fake decorations such as cobwebs hanging from our mirror guarantee a macabre result.

Skulls and pumpkins complete our monstrous scene. From the series: leave all hope who will enter!

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The living room is the most lived-in environment of the house so you will certainly want the Halloween atmosphere to be more alive than ever.

The spaces in this case are much wider, and allow us to play as hard as we can with our imagination.

The pumpkin (with any color and size) can certainly not be missing. It attracts the attention of your guests if positioned on a clearly visible point (think of your equipped wall, or at the table in your living room). A wide use of candles (better consumed, they are more spooky) will allow you to give up the lights in your home, giving the environment a gloomy look and exalt your guests. For the sofa, you could buy themed cushions. You can find many types, all different, with drawings of pumpkins, skeletons or skulls.You can combine orange, sage green, black and white cushions together, thinking about how to match the color of your sofa with them.

Are you still in time to furnish your home with the right look for Halloween?

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