Have you decided to renew the style of your bedroom but you don’t know which bed could be right for you? Discover some useful tips to help you choose the double bed that’s right for you, depending on the space you have, your style preferences and your practical needs.


How big is your bedroom?

If it is particularly large, you have full freedom of choice: you can choose a King Size bed, complete with headboard and footboard. You can also choose a four-poster bed, which, in addition to being aesthetically beautiful, makes you feel protected, especially in a large room.

When the room is small, the basic rule is to optimize the spaces. The bed should be a standard size model or smaller. Keep in mind that you will need to have at least 60 cm of free space around the bed as a living space to make the bed and to conveniently open any wardrobe doors or drawers of a dresser. In the presence of smaller spaces, greater attention must be paid to functionality, without necessarily having to give up aesthetics.

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Choosing a double bed is not just a functional and practical question. On the contrary, the design aspect is central. The bed is the most important element of the bedroom, so you must choose it considering your preferences.

Your choice is wide: you can choose between wooden beds, a material with a very long tradition in furniture, and always current. It is particularly suitable for those suffering from respiratory allergies because it does not collect or retain dust. Keeping it clean is simple: just a wipe with a damp cloth.

If you have more romantic and traditional tastes, the wrought iron bed is the right choice: they are shaped, in fact, by the skilled hands of artisans. They can be simple, or rich in doodles and poetic forms.

Infine, potrai scegliere anche un letto imbottito, che ti permette infatti di poterlo sfoderare e quindi lavare.

Un letto in pelle è elegante e molto chic. E’ facile da tenere pulito ma richiede una maggiore manutenzione per non rovinarlo. Ultimamente i materiali più richiesti sono la similpelle e l’ecopelle.

Finally, you can also choose an upholstered bed, which allows you to remove it and then wash it.

A leather bed is elegant and very chic. It is easy to keep clean but requires more maintenance so as not to damage it. Lately the most popular materials are leather and eco-leather imitations. Upholstered double beds usually have a modern design, but not all of them are minimal and simple. Some take up a more traditional design, such as those with visible stitching.

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