A swimming pool in the garden means fully enjoying the summer by simply staying at home, inviting friends for fun days, relaxing in the sun and regenerating in the evening after a day of work.In this article we would like to offer you some interesting ideas to create a functional, welcoming and design outdoor space.

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Give the right importance to plants and flowers

Within your pool area, you can indulge yourself as you see fit when it comes to green furniture. For example you can use clay pots with shrub or climbing plants (for example summer plants such as bougainvillea). Choosing to furnish a swimming pool with greenery certainly gives a sense of deep satisfaction, but also be careful, as the plants need the right maintenance: it’s better to choose plants that do not dirty the water too much with any falling leaves and flowers.

Create sunny and shaded areas

If when we are immersed in the water we prefer the sun to hit us directly, it would certainly be preferable to have shaded areas outside the pool. We therefore recommend organizing the space so that, on the edge of the pool, there are areas in which to shelter, for example under a pergola or a shade sail.

In terms of both functionality and design, it is also possible to place one of these solutions on the edge of the pool, to ensure continuity between the pool and the relaxation area.

Wooden floors lend themselves very well to surround a swimming pool, especially if above ground. You could build a mezzanine around the perimeter, thus obtaining a double advantage: that of pleasantness to the eye and functionality.

Around the pool you can certainly place elements of outdoor furniture: sun loungers, and also deck chairs, armchairs, small sofas and cushions, with the foresight to choose waterproof fabric coverings. Depending on the context in which the pool is located, hammocks and swings can also be evaluated.

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The swimming pool cannot be considered as a source of coolness during hot summer days. On the contrary, it is also right that it can be enjoyed during the evening hours, with a nice swim at midnight or a poolside dinner, thanks also to the use of creative lighting.

A poolside dinner can then be served on traditional outdoor tables, or on low tables, around which to sit with waterproof cushions, for an evening sushi or an aperitif with a glass of iced wine.

If you have not yet furnished your swimming pool for this summer season, we are ready to provide you with the best furnishing solutions at our disposal to furnish this space with style.

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