Whether for exclusive use or to impress tourists who are increasingly looking for a house near the beautiful Apulian beaches to spend their holidays, beach houses need a style and functionality slightly different from the usual one of houses ” habitual “in which we spend most of the months during the year. In this article we want to offer you some splendid inspirations to furnish your seaside apartment with style and creativity.


When you refer to the beach house, you can’t help but think of long days on the beach, carefree hours in the company of friends and lunches or dinners with your family and friends.

The most important space therefore becomes the living room, together with the external veranda, which must be as large and bright as possible, furnished with sofas and armchairs in neutral colors and materials resistant to water and sand, which you will inevitably have to fight.

If there is one thing allowed (and absolutely recommended) in the beach house, it is certainly bringing your outdoor furniture indoors. Green light therefore to furniture, chairs and baskets in wicker, straw and bamboo, resistant to stains, summer humidity and above all to wet swimsuits and perfect to give the rooms an atmosphere of coastal life. You may interested on: Why contact an interior designer?

A rest area after the beach

Among the things that should not be missing in a beach house there is certainly a rest area dedicated to returning from the beach to store bags and towels and store objects particularly exposed to water and sand, thus avoiding carrying them around the house. It is important to create a room or a dedicated corner to hang out wet towels and bathing suits and baskets and benches to store hats, clean towels, toys and sunscreen. The end result may even seem like a pleasant decorative element part of the furniture, or an essential option for families with young children.

The sea even in bed

Just like the living area, the bedroom will also be inspired by seascapes (or the nautical world). The fabrics are fresh and natural, declined in blue or in neutral and light shades, with soft lined cushions and a fresh duvet cover in linen or cotton and rugs to complete the whole. The best way to better enjoy the holiday atmosphere and fully enjoy all the well-deserved relaxation.

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