Italy, as we know, is uniqu, and it is not only for its proverbial beauty, but for the many sectors considered to be world-class excellence.
One of these, considered more of a niche than more renowned product sectors such as fashion and good food, is that of furniture and design.

The made in Italy’s design is recognized all over the world thanks above all to the excellent raw materials used, the design finishes and the great skills of the designers.

There are many companies that export their style in Italy and in the world;, today we want to introduce you to some considered as the most important in terms of product’s quality and style.

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ALIVAR: experts in contemporary furniture

A dynamic company from Florence, constantly attentive to technological evolution and research in the field of design and architecture, with collections that are perfectly recognizable and that touch every room in your home.

The space concepts from Alivar has a precise taste, not binding to the single product but to the overall proposal, interpreting with a subjective style and never linked to the fashion of the moment, adapting perfectly to the way of understanding space for the modern style lovers.

alivar valentini arredamenti mesagne
Bonaldo Arredamenti Mesagne - Valentini

BONALDO: an Italian story

In the 1936 Bonaldo is born, a company established in Italy and all over the world for the production of furniture and design accessories. Its collections have a dynamic and unmistakable style: tables, chairs, accessories, lighting, sofas and beds are produced in Italy and exported all over the world, thanks to the use of the most advanced technologies and quality materials, carefully selected and authenticated.

A worldwide success increasingly linked to the concept of ‘total living’ that offers a precise response to every home furnishing need and in every part of the world.

At the base of this constantly expanding path, passion, research and quality continue to be the guidelines of the company which today, thanks to its unmistakable style, represents an important name in Italian design.

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FIMAR: real wood signs the design

Customize your home with design products and strong functionality?
The goal that Fimar sets itself is precisely this, to amaze with original ideas that stand out for their practicality.

Added to this there is a passion inherent in the company’s DNA: dedicating time and space to research, passing through the study of the most hidden detail. Their team of designers design on the basis of the consumer’s needs, creating absolute masterpieces such as the “Rack” and “Ghost” TV stand, solutions that have become recognized thanks to their extreme functionality.

All the brands we have presented to you today are just some of the many Italian producers that deserve mention to which. We will dedicate more space to these in the future.

If, on the other hand, you intend to view some solutions designed by the brands mentioned in this article, you can come and visit us in our showroom …

You will not be disappointed!

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