You have been dreaming of a beautiful and functional kitchen for a long time, and finally your dream will come true: you have decided to change your kitchen!


Being one of the most lived-in spaces in the house, the kitchen needs to be optimized for your and your family’s habits, but above all it must be comfortable and equipped even when you have small spaces.

A careful and targeted design can help you solve your space’s problems and at the same time outline what will be the profile of your new kitchen.

We have compiled 5 useful tips that can help you (and often help us too) in the composition of the kitchen of your dreams. Let’s find out together.


1. You need to choose comfortable materials for the use you need to make of them

To give the best idea of a tidy kitchen it must always be more than clean. For this reason, the choice of materials must fall on proposals that vary according to the time spent in front of the stove. Each material that you can choose has its own characteristics and peculiarities: analyzing your habits in the kitchen will help you to identify the one that best meets your needs. Be careful though! You absolutely must not sacrifice your personal style: the kitchen is a very important room in the house, so it must be absolutely perfect and (above all) you must like it!


The design will optimizing spaces and materials based on your habits. Do you often like preparing dishes next to the sink? Then that space will play a fundamental role in its design, thus using materials that can always guarantee a proper clean and disinfection of the surface.

2. Optimize your workspaces

What will be the work areas of your new kitchen? In order to optimize the spaces and counteract the disorder that can derive from the normal use of a kitchen, it is suggested to identify the areas where the most chaos will be created.

For example a pantry, if it is concentrated in one area of the kitchen, it will help you to find everything you need in a single move. Some closed pantry solutions help to easily remove possible unrest from sight both during and after the preparation of the dishes. Another example? Identify a space where storing small appliances (eg microwave) allows to keep more clean work surface.

3. Choose carefully where to place the drawers

It is very important to choose carefully where to insert your drawers (based on their purpose and with a decidedly practical purpose rather than aesthetic). The drawers allow you to see all the contents inside them, and specific accessories help you to exploit and organize the interior spaces.

Here comes the important need to contact a designer who knows what are your needs (to transform it into reality).

4. Think about how the wall units should open

Surely your designers have already thought about it, but you never know, we still provide it as an advice!

Nowadays the old counters are no longer used, except on very rare occasions. The wall units with flap opening are the ones that are the most popular, as they allow you to better relate design and practicality: in fact, they allow you to keep the doors open while cooking, thus ensuring maximum freedom of movement on the worktop. Keeping the wall units always open allows easier access to the pantry, avoiding an annoying “open and close”.

This solution in the best possible way, applying the wall units with the relative openings in the areas you think you will use the most, in order to have everything you need near you.

5. Illuminate the kitchen according to your needs

It seems obvious but it is not: lighting plays a fundamental role not only in aesthetic terms but also (and above all) in practical terms.

For example, light points must never be missing on a work surface, so that you can see every single detail of the preparation of the meals.

In areas where practicality is not necessary, however, there is more space for details: playing with light can make the difference, giving character to your beautiful kitchen (find out more here).

Ultimately there are few other spaces within a home that can be as customizable as the kitchen. It is very important that this is carried out in perfect compliance with your needs and with the design that your home has or must have.


Choosing every detail carefully makes (as always) the difference.

Precisely for this reason our team of interior designers is specializes in the design of kitchens (always made in compliance with your needs).