The term “Cozy” is a state of mind, it is an intimate embrace that you receive from loved ones, but it is also a feeling that your home gives.

It is a style that achieves furnishing trends. It means embellishing the rooms, making them delicate and comfortable with romantic details: rugs, pillows, blankets, sofas, vases, candles and flowers that embrace our thoughts and our body.

“Cozy” is everything that makes us feel at home, protected and pampered.

Do you want to make your home cozy and romantic? Recreate the cozy style with our tips!

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In the cozy style house, the delicate tones, the pastel and soft colors are the masters: the shades of gray, dove gray,  cream, vanilla in addition to the effective shades of brown that recall Nature and its landscapes at this stage of the year.

Lighting plays a fundamental role in these seasons when the sunlight disappears and it is necessary to set up a series of lamps, bedside lamps and other simple types to furnish the house. The use of soft and delicate lights and the presence of candles are fundamental, making everything very romantic. And if you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace to light, the crackle of the wood and the glow of the fire will be perfect.


Savoring the taste of cozy style to relax when you are at home, in the warmth while it is snowing and cold outside, is one of the best ways to face the winter.

Here are some tips to make your rooms more comfortable!

In the LIVING area I think about the details to make this area welcoming.  Like the fireplace, for example, an excellent element to naturally create warm atmospheres, even more so if accompanied by rugs, cushions, woolen blankets and small exposed logs.

In the KITCHEN, wooden furnishings in natural tones cannot be missing. . The suspended lighting, above the table, makes the environment more hospitable. As for the cooking area, prefer corner elements, islands or peninsulas, preferring wooden and natural tops.

The BEDROOM, the realm of relaxation. Mixing fabrics and elements is the right key to having a cozy bedroom. The parquet immediately makes the environment more welcoming.

In the BATHROOM, which has always been considered an area for relaxation and pampering. The “isolated” bathtub is the most glamorous element of this environment. I recommend you choose a 60s floor with cement tiles and then lots of candles to make the environment more romantic.

The cozy style remains a personal and customizable situation, but these we have talked about are certainly the elements that cannot be missing!

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