Perhaps not everyone knows that home fragrances, as well as those for the person, are often composed of synthetic fragrances that simply “mimic” the smell of the natural essence. It is easy to recognize them: they present themselves with a density of fragrance and a decidedly greater persistence. Fortunately, growing attention to green issues is changing this trend, favoring ecological fragrances with a low environmental impact.

Those who want to perfume their home with 100% natural fragrances can count on essences such as pure essential oils to be used with candle or diffusers with vaporizers or with sticks.

In this article we want to provide you with useful tips on how to perfume your rooms in a completely natural way, based on their characteristics and functionality.

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f we want to perfume our kitchen, the particular notes of citrus fruits will help us.

Wrongly considered to be purely summer scents, the notes of citrus fruits such as lemon, bergamot, orange, mandarin, lime, grapefruit derive from essences that are by their nature stimulants of the nervous system. They are in fact excellent even and especially in the winter months, when there is a need for greater relaxation and mental stamina to face the coldest and grayest days of the year.

Very pleasant and relaxing are also the most aromatic fragrances such as bay leaf, rosemary, sage, thyme, mint, marjoram, basil, nutmeg and juniper, also able to give the right charge to our mind after returning from an intense day of work.


Woody scents and oriental nuances fill the living room with persuasive energy.

For the area where you spend your free time, you can choose the essence derived from your favorite flower such as magnolia, angelica, rose, iris, lily of the valley, mimosa, palmarosa. Among the scents deriving from wood worthy of note are maritime pine, Swiss stone pine, sandalwood and cedar wood.

These fragrances have a strong and decisive character, just like the raw materials that compose them. The harsh gentleness of this olfactory family derives in fact from its very essence, which gives the rooms a pleasant and persistent fragrance, able to amaze even the most pretentious guest.

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To stimulate a good and peaceful sleep you may use relaxing fragrances such as lavender, chamomile, lemon balm, lime are indicated. A good alternative (especially during the whole winter season, where we are more prone to colds) are balsamic essences, able to promote good and peaceful breathing such as fir, eucalyptus (or cajeput, a little more delicate ) or mountain pine.

A little tip: if you want to sleep well, sprinkle some essence on your pillow half an hour before going to sleep. You will never sleep so well in your life again!


In this area the mind must be clear, free from any distraction and concentrated as much as possible on studying or on working. To better promote this process, it is important to choose resinous fragrances that recall those of paper, up to the fresh notes of the sea, salt and cedar that are able to promote oxygenation and the flow of thoughts. Even purifying fragrances such as eucalyptus and mint help channel creative energy.

Last, but not least, is the BATHROOM, where there are two main needs: the first is to cover odors and keep a fresh scent. The second, on the other hand, is to transform it into a small spa – even for couples – perhaps by soaking in the tub. In this case, green light for candles with voluptuous scents of vanilla, coconut, rose, powdered sugar. Even better, then, if it comes to massage candles which then release a cream to hydrate the whole body.

The world of natural essences is really rich, so it is worth doing some experiments to realize how these fragrances can also affect our mood.

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