Cozy design: HOW TO make your home more comfortable in winter

The term “Cozy” is a state of mind, it is an intimate embrace that you receive from loved ones, but it is also a feeling that your home gives. It is a style that achieves furnishing trends. It means embellishing the rooms, making them delicate and comfortable with romantic details: rugs, pillows, blankets, sofas, vases, […]

Small steps to make your environments more glam and trendy

The home is a familiar place so it is important that the environment transmits the pleasure of living in spaces that match our personality and needs. The changing fashions and the passing of the years can make the home a place that no longer reflects our tastes and our style, so it may require a […]

Trends and inspirations for christmas 2021

Decorating the house to create a Christmas atmosphere represents a relaxing moment to spend with your family, to share the feeling of love that pervades the houses in this period. Do you want to find out what will be the trends for Christmas 2021? Find out by continuing to read the article. WHICH COLORS TO […]

Color trend design 2022

What home colors will be in fashion in 2022? The time has come to take a look at the new trends. The coming year is upon us and for all those who are decorating or renovating their home it is interesting to take inspiration from the most popular colors. The watchword is intense, decisive colors. […]

Do you want to renovate your surfaces? Choose the resin

Resin is a material in many ways similar to the cement, but with a much smaller thickness and important characteristics, used purely for coating and decorations. Today we can find different types for construction uses. Created to meet mostly industrial needs, in recent years resins have also carved out a leading role in the residential […]

Sustainability and innovation in today’s kitchens

The sensitivity of people towards sustainability is increasing more and more. The green turning point in recent years stems from the conditions in which our environment finds itself, for some time and for too long a victim of abuse caused by a massive industrialization of the territories for commercial and production purposes. The green turning […]

Which fragrances should not be missing in every home

Perhaps not everyone knows that home fragrances, as well as those for the person, are often composed of synthetic fragrances that simply “mimic” the smell of the natural essence. It is easy to recognize them: they present themselves with a density of fragrance and a decidedly greater persistence. Fortunately, growing attention to green issues is […]

An exciting look for your home in Halloween

Every self-respecting anniversary must also be celebrated in our homes. Holidays such as Christmas are always exciting, as they allow us to beautify our homes by changing, how its look. Halloween is certainly one of this: it has become one of the most well-known holidays in Italy, the “night of the witches” does not belong […]

Spaces organization in modern homes

Modern houses need more and more space, regardless of how small the apartment is fundamentally, in fact we can also own a villa, however we will always look for more space so that it can be welcoming and, above all, comfortable. In this article we want to focus your attention on small and medium-sized apartments, […]

Let’s discover the new kitchen Glass 2.0 by Arredo3

Among the kitchens currently in demand on the market, thanks to a trend towards the essentiality of the furniture in compliance with the maximum possible functionality, we want to dedicate a special mention to the beautiful kitchen Glass 2.0 designed by Arredo3. The Venetian company is in fact a leader in the production of kitchens […]